17 May 2011

Simon Fraser excels in 2000AD

I've heaped quite a lot of justified praise on 2000AD over the years but so far I've not mentioned Simon Fraser or Nikolai Dante before. I'm delighted to change that.

Nikolai Dante is a swashbuckling adventure set in the Russian empire of the 27th Century written admirably by Robbie Morrison and rendered with ridiculous aplomb by Simon Fraser.

This double page spread from Prog 1733 is just ridiculously good.

This is the Dubai of the future. You can tell that it's Arabic from the curved lines, domes, minarets, camels and flying carpets, but look at the detail and there is a real feast in there, such as the boats in the harbour and the writing on the towers.

This is a picture to savour slowly again and again. And remember, it's just part of one of the stories in the weekly 2000AD, the galaxy's greatest comic. Zarjaz!

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