24 May 2011

Another President, another demonstration

Three years ago I joined the demonstration against George W Bush on his visit to the UK. Since then things have got even worse so when Barack Obama came to visit our Queen I was there again.

Three years ago we were worried about the USA and UK's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Three years later Iraq is a little better but the Afghan war has spread to Pakistan, where drones are sent in to this sovereign state to kill their people, and we have a new war in Libya where we are taking sides in a civil war that is simply not our business.

The argument that we are doing this to protect citizens has been shown to be a deceit as we are refusing to help citizens in Syria, Bahrain, Gazza or, going further afield, Ivory Coast or Sudan. We just go after people that we do not like who have oil. Simples.

And it's not as though these wars are going to achieve anything. We've tried to impose our will through military might in most of these countries before and it did not work then either.

I don't expect my little act of protest to achieve very much but the alternative was not to do anything at all and peace deserves more than that.

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