4 May 2011

Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

I am not a great fan of Richmond Park as it's not wild enough for me and it's far too busy but Isabella Plantation is an exception.

It's an easy reach for me, a leisurely stroll to Ham Gate, a brisk stroll up to the main road then a short amble across the grass to the gate by the small disabled car park.

Almost as soon as you enter this gate you come to the large pond with a collection of unusual ducks surrounded by a collection of usual children pointing at them.

It took quite some effort to take a picture without any children in it. Perhaps I should make it easier for myself and learn PhotoShop!

The pond collects the water that flows gently through the centre of Isabella Plantation from one of the many small springs in the park.

The stream (if you can call it that) is flanked by tall bushes on both sides with paths on the other side. It's like a stick of rock.

These bushes both hide the stream, but not its murmurings, and give the garden shape and colour in exactly the same way that lawns don't.

It is here that most people congregate and the children nosily bounce across the many narrow bridges that cross the stream.

But not far away from this bustle there are quieter paths and these are the ones that I choose to tread.

Here the trees grow in confidence and spread themselves out more creating little glades that the Bluebells are quick to colonise.

The shrubs make good use of the extra space too and the Rhododendrons and Magnolias also stretch out like peacocks to show-off their colours.

There are dark shaded corners too where even the Bluebells fear to roam. And contorted tree that compel any stray boys to climb them.

Isabella Plantation is not that big but it is easy to spend an hour ambling through it savouring the smells and colours. A place of calm and beauty.

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  1. This post really stirred up memories from when I lived close to the park. I always tried to experience the spring flowers, shrubs etc. I normally entered from the eastern side and was often met by the Rhododendrons and Magnolias. Wonderful memories. Thank you Matthew.


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