24 May 2010

New glasses

One of the reasons that I keep this blog is to record momentous events in my life that I may well want to refer back to in the future. Such as getting new glasses.

This may seem trivial but opticians, like dentists and other shunned professionals, are always asking me "when did you last ..." questions and I never know the answer. But now I can look it up.

I've been running this blog for about 3 1/2 years so I guess that my glasses were a little older than that and were due for replacement as my eyes will have changed a little over that period. They were also so scratched it was like walking through fog all the time.

And I'd broken them too.

A new pair of glasses in the house prompted me to dig out all the old cases and old broken pairs that I had kept just in case.

My new glasses are at the front and happen to be by Jaegar but the selection process had nothing to do with the brand. I like them and they fit. End of.

In the middle are my previous pair, by Prada, and behind them is another broken pair of uncertain pedigree.

In the front-right are the oldest pair which I am keeping because they are not broken. They were a spare pair I got for free many years ago with the intention of using them for driving, hence the large lenses. They are not fit to be worn in public!

Glass cases are more durable than the glasses themselves so I have some surviving for glasses that I no longer recall. I also bought a couple of other ones from Muji and Liberty, those were brand purchases.

The arrival of the new glasses is duly logged and I can now bring order to this aspect of my life and the broken glasses and unnecessary cases are destined for the bin. Might just keep the Prada case though.

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  1. Yeah, why do we keep them? Just in case ...? (Pun intended!)


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