21 May 2010

Social Computing in the Enterprise Comes of Age

Given my personal interest in KM and my employment in the IT industry, I was clearly going to be attracted to a talk on Social Computing in the Enterprise, E2.0 if you will.

Social Computing has been a phenomenal success in private lives and we are all aware of things like Facebook, Twitter and blogging even if we don't all use them ourselves. The challenge is to take this enthusiasm and collaboration through the corporate firewalls so that the people who pay for our time can reap some of the benefits that we ourselves get.

It was the bold promise that this has come of age that most attracted me to the talk and I was hoping to hear compelling case studies of how leading-edge organisations are already making good use of web2.0 tools. Unfortunately we were given some bland promises of tangible business benefits bit no real evidence of them and certainly nothing we could take to sceptical executives in our own organisations.

What we did get was a basic, but useful for the uninitiated, introduction to what E2.0 is that while not challenging was interesting enough to sustain and hour's talk.

Then came the networking, wine and nibbles and the evening picked-up the pace. I spent most of that time talking to people I know mainly from the LIKE and Gurteen events and it was good to have more time for this and to be able to compare the events.

Overall it was not a great night out but it was certainly not a bad one either and I'll be on the look-out for more BCS events like this.

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