4 May 2010

Stitch up at the V&A

For second month in a row I was lured out on the last Friday to take advantage of the V&A's late night opening. Last month it was games and puzzles, this month it was quilts and sewing!

OK, so I did not actually do any of the sewing myself but I did witness hordes of women throwing themselves enthusiastically into various challenges with material and thread.

Instead I chose to trawl some of the open galleries starting, not for the first time, with the small but stimulating architecture section on the top floor by the main entrance.

My somewhat random ventures after that took me through a corridor of stained glass and silver and my attention was unceremoniously grabbed by some of the pieces of modern glass at the far end.

I am not religious but I don't mind iconography when it is as powerful as this. It helps that the overall effect is more abstract art than anything meaningful.

In almost complete contrast, the other highlight of the wanderings were some dresses made out of waste materials, such as crisp packets, that were designed by 14 year old girls.

It's these unexpected discoveries that make the V&A a constant joy.

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