7 July 2009

The Strange Death of Adam Warlock

I'm running rather behind on my blog postings so what was meant to a be a long post on why Rusalka at Glyndebourne is not as good as some newspapers have rated it is, instead, a shorter post on why Jim Starlin's Warlock is a masterpiece.

The initial perceptions of Warlock are rightly good, this is Cosmic Jim Starlin writing and drawing the stories of a cosmic hero, Adam Warlock.

It gets even better when we look at the cover which shows Adam Warlock going in to the future to kill himself to stop the future he has seen where he becomes the despot Magus.

It gets better still when we follow Adam Warlock after he has killed himself through to the future time when his previous self appears to kill him.

The dialogue between the two Warlocks, one of whom has been through the scene before, is just stunning.

The Dr Who episode Blink won lots of awards for doing this sort of stuff thirty years later.

There are lots of very very good people who have written and/or drawn comics over the years but there are very few who I would class as absolute masters of the genre. Jim Starlin is one of these.

The proof of the pudding may be in the eating here and I am delighted to have paid not a small sum of money for a signed collection of the Dreadstar stories.

Comics, like music, is a genre that I keep falling in and out of love with but whenever I see something by Jim Satrlin I remember just how good the media can be. Warlock is one of my very favourite comics of all time and has remained so for over thirty years. And long may this continue.

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