25 July 2009

Beyond the Great Firewall of China

I brought a PC with me to China for several reasons, including managing my photos as I go along and, hopefully, being able to update my podcasts provided I am able to get internet access once a week. So far things are just about working out; the photos are all downloaded and I am only a few podcasts off being fully up to date.

I also hoped to do a few updates on Twitter and Facebook but both sites are blocked by the Great Firewall of China, as is Blogger which hosts my two blogs so I cannot update those either. However it looks like there is a minor gap in the wall and I seem to be able to post to my main blog by email and new entries should then appear on Facebook as notes.

Unfortunately I can see neither site so I just have to trust that it is working!

I've not found a way to get photos on-line from here either but I am sorting them into albums all ready to go on to Facebook and my blog when I get back home.

Until then I will carry on enjoying China. I spent this morning clambering up some seriously steep steps on the Great Wall and was captivated by both the wall and the view from it. Sadly I cannot do it justice in words so you will just have to wait a few weeks for the photos.

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