18 December 2008

Stunning art in 2000AD

2000AD continues to be a great read every week and I really look forward to the large white envelope arriving every Saturday.

This issue has three stories featuring regular characters, Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante and the ABC Warriors, who are featured on the cover.

The fourth story is a quint mystery set in Edwardian England where people say things like, "What ho!". It's fun and a worthy companion to the three "main" stories.

But the main purpose of this post is to say something about the stunning artwork on ABC Warriors by Clint Langley.

The cover shows you what a treat you have in store and the inside exceeds even that expectation.

The story arc ends with a gorgeous two-page spread of Mek-Quake, the former demolition robot who likes nothing more than doing "big jobs", particularly on his former colleagues.

Sadly I cannot find a decent copy on the web anywhere and I do not have a scanner so you have to make do with a photograph, but that is good enough to show the power of the picture.

With stories and artwork like this it was an easy decision to renew my annual subscription to 2000AD and the companion publication the Judge Dredd Megazine.

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