3 December 2008

KATA quarterly meeting

December's KATA meeting was enlivened by the availability of draught Black Sheep but subdued by the chairman's health which means that he has to contribute less to the society that he formed and has led for 17 years.

We are looking at how we cope with this, if we can, and, from experience, I suspect that I will be putting my hand up to volunteer for doing more than just running the KATA website. KATA continues to be a very useful organisation that promotes the interested of the broad spectrum of public transport users (e.g. as opposed to a bus users group) and publicises information about transport services. I hope that we do carry on.

Most of the discussion at the meeting was about buses. This is not unusual as there are a large number of routes through Kingston, the services keep changing (usually for the better) and many of our members made the livelihoods working with buses.

The most recent changes to bus services involve the somewhat unromantic S3, K4 and X26.

While some aspects of the future of KATA are less than certain, there will be another quarterly meeting in March and I am looking forward to being there.

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