24 December 2008

Listening to more podcasts

The list of podcasts that I listen to regularly is still growing in both number and variety. These are some of the newer ones.

The Bugle from Times Online reunites two comedians who have worked together on several projects, Andy Zaltzman a regular on The Now Show and John Oliver who is part of the team on the Daily Show. They have a semi-scripted conversation on the week's news that is in a familiar satirical style.

I've never got on with Laurie Taylor when he was a regular on Stop the Week (that was some years ago) and have tended to avoid his other programmes as a result. But I was tempted to listen to Thinking Allowed as I wanted to know more about social sciences. It still grates a little at times but it tells me things I did not know and I am grateful for that.

Timeghost (translate it to German) is another comedy from Times Online. It starts Alan Armstrong and Ben Miller, too many credits to mention, as Craig Children and Martin Baine-Jones the pretend Times Online's arts critics, playing the windsock to the cultural wind. What this really means is that two fine comedians who know each other very well talk in an amusing way and we are allowed to eavesdrop.

The final one is Farming Today, which does exactly what it says on the tin. As with Thinking Allowed, this broadens my knowledge into realms that I do not normally venture in to. Farming Today also covers topics that impact all of us, such as the food we eat, the environment that we live in and the changing climate.

These podcasts contribute to a virtuous circle that also includes my iPods and long walks that often terminate at one of the local pubs. I think that I will go for one now!

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