7 December 2008

Demonic Darkchylde

Marvel's fashion for running major storylines continues with X-Infernus featuring, just in case you had not guessed it, the X-Men.

Here we see Darkchylde looking suitably demonic in a stunning cover by Peter Finch.

She did not always look like this. Originally she was an ordinary girl, Illyana Rasputin, younger sister of Peter (Colossus).

Illyana then became Magik when her mutant powers manifested themselves and she gained the ability to teleport.

The turning point came when she was stranded in Limbo, the realm next to Hell, for what was just a few moments in our world but was several years in Limbo.

Her story gets even more complicated after that but we get to the situation where Illyana has become Darkchylde and is the ruler of Limbo.

I am looking forward to reading the X-Infernus story soon but in the meantime I'll enjoy the fantastic cover art.

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