4 July 2008

The Now Show with extras

This week's visit to a recording of The Now Show had lots of familiar elements to it.

The trip to Pizza Express beforehand; having knives confiscated by BBC security; getting ticket number 53; drinking Grolsch out of a plastic bottle in the waiting area.

Getting the seats in the front row between the mikes used by Punt and Dennis; having some of our replies to the audience question read out at the end; a cracking show of around 50 minutes that will be edited down to 29.

And we had a pleasant surprise to top the evening off.

The Now Show audience was roped in to play the part of a radio show audience in an episode of the third series of Lead Balloon, starring Jack Dee.

In this episode Jack Dee's character makes an embarrassingly (adverb!) inept appearance on a show about language.

We were only wanted for one short scene but we were sitting in the front row so should be easy to spot when it is broadcast.

All in all it was another excellent night out. Thank you BBC!

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