8 July 2008

It's later than you think

"It's later than you think" is a new radio programme hosted by Marcus Brigstocke where he gets celebrity guests to try things that they have never done before.

In the recording I watched, Marcus introduced journalist Eve Pollard to D.I.Y., science fiction, poker and beer.

Due to impeccable planning, and putting one pushy guy firmly in his place, we got the four seats in the middle of the front row.

This gave Marcus the opportunity to comment on Howard's Iron Maiden t-shirt and his long hair; suggesting that combing may be something that Howard had never tried.

The show was planned but unscripted and, as a conversation between two people, it was humorous rather than funny, but overall it was an entertaining hour. How putting up shelves and playing poker will come across on radio will be interesting to hear!

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