11 July 2008

2000AD on top form

The very nature of 2000AD, having five running stories in each issue, means that it will varies in tone as one story ends to be replace by a completely different one.

At the moment 2000AD is on a roll and all the strips are excellent.

2000AD opens with Judge Dredd, as usual. The current story arc is about some rogue judges and has JD playing the detective.

Defoe, the cover story, is black and white horror set in 1669 London with plenty of zombies and plenty of ways of dispatching zombies.

The Vort is about a war on a strange planet that somehow has a Vietnam feel to it.

The latest Sinister Dexter story has the great title "The Bournemouth Identity" and has the future hit men protecting the equivalent of a east-end gangster's trophy girl.

Nikolai Dante has left 2675 St Petersburg to deal with unrest in the Imperial Russia territory America.

These are all good stories, well written and drawn in vastly different styles to reflect the different themes and it is this mix that makes 2000AD the first comic that I read each week.

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