24 February 2007

A quick trip to a small gallery

After the Stop the War march I made a quick trip to the small Cafe Gallery in Southwark Park which was holding a brief exhibition of works by final year students of the Royal College of Art.

My main reason for going was to look at the latest work by young Czech Artist Tereza Buskova and it is her print "The Crown of Darkness" that is shown here. I bought one of her earlier works last year and it is on the sitting room wall next to me as I write this.

It was worth going as Tereza's picture looks so much better in the flesh than it does here. I particularly liked the colours in the headdress which are predominantly marine blue and gold.

I also liked some of the other stuff there, including some very large black and white pictures, one a montage of a silhouetted figure and the others made of many small rectangles. Trust me, they looked better than that sounds!

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