18 January 2007

Kings of Chaos

My fellow players of Kings of Chaos (KoC) have questioned why I have not mentioned it in my blog, so here goes!

I've been playing KoC for almost four years now, having been introduced to it by one of my sons. The boys have since moved on to Runescape and World of Warcraft but I still play KoC and a couple of my mates do too.

My account is Lord_of_Ham and I am in an alliance called Elite Sabbers, with my mates Orckestra and RichardBajor.

The game is quite simple. You get gold every half hour and by attacking people. You can spend the gold on attack weapons (to take more gold), defense weapons (to stop other people taking your gold), spies (to be able to see other people's gold and to sabotage their weapons) and sentries (to hide your gold and to fend off enemies' spies).

It is difficult to balance all four aspects of your account so most people specialize in some way, e.g. sabbers or attack dogs. My tactics are to build up my sentries so that most people cannot see how much gold I've got and to keep just enough attack weapons to be able to get gold from people.

Our clan, Elite Sabbers, is at war at the moment (we usually are!) so I have lots of enemies to take gold from. They try to sab me in retaliation but normally my sentries are too strong.

Some of you may have noticed a weakness in the game; the gold comes every half hour. This means that either you have to sleep not very much or get used to waking up every morning to see that you have just been visited by an enemy who have taken a 1/3rd of your day's gold. I go with the little sleep option!

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