27 January 2007

Sin City

My plan to read more comics than I acquire this year took a welcome step backwards with the first volume of Frank Miller's Sin City which I got for my birthday. Like the Sandman that I got for Christmas and the Planetary that I got last year, this is a large size edition on top quality paper and with a hard cover.

If you have seen the Sin City film then you'll know what the comics are like as the film is a very close copy of the original comics with many of the shots taken directly from the books.

Sin City is one of the highlights of Frank Miller's distinguished career in comics which also includes The Dark Knight Returns (1986) which is probably his most famous work. He returned to this theme with The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

I was lucky to get into Frank Miller at the start of his career on Daredevil at Marvel Comics where he wrote and/or drew around thirty issues starting in 1981. I still flick through these issues when I come across them, e.g. when trying to sort out my office. I guess that I will have to put the hard cover collection on my Christmas list for this year (assuming that by then I have managed to clear most of my large to-be-read list)!

Oh, and today is Frank Miller's fiftieth birthday too. Happy Birthday Frank!

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