12 January 2007

Exploring Mornington Crescent

I've been in my new job in London Euston for almost a week and thought that it was about time that I had an explore of the immediate area.

This was partially an excuse to go for a walk and was partially to get a photo of a cool building to put in this blog to justify the claim in my profile that I am interested in architecture.

I scored on both counts.

Not that far up the road, almost opposite Mornington Crescent tube station, is this wonderful building that I had not come across before. It is now called Greater London House but originally, and the name is still on the front of the building, it was the Carreras Cigarette Factory.

The rest of the walk showed the marked contracts that there are in that part of London. To the west of Mornington Crescent lies that large and not very pretty Regent's Park Estate. It's not as bad as some places, and I felt comfortable walking through there in a suit and bow-tie (because it was during the day!), but it has safely avoided the gentrification that has spread across most of Central London in the last twenty years or so. Just beyond the estate is Regent's Park itself which is ringed by mansions that are out of the price range of lottery winners.

That sums up two of the things I really like about London, the variety and the surprises. And walking where the whim takes you is the best way to find both.

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