4 February 2018

Kew Gardens (4 February 18)

Other things, like lazy Sunday morning lie-ins and bad weather, had kept me away from Kew Gardens for more weeks than I was used to so I was glad of an excuse to go back. That excuse was that other people wanted to go to and it was a select group of six of us that queued outside Victoria Gate waiting for it to open at 10am.

As always there was no clear plan but somebody mentioned the Treetop Walkway so we headed there first. Being in to the gardens early meant that we were the only people on it, which is just how I like it. It sways enough by itself without having children running all over it.

It was even colder up there than it was on the ground so somebody else suggested a green house and we avoided any further decision by visiting both the Palm House and the Princess of Wales Conservatory which was getting ready for the Orchids Festival scheduled to open the following week.

The next warm place we had to visit was the Orangery. This had gone a little down market with the coffee coming from a machine and the cake not up to its previous standard. I suspected that this was because of the opening of The Botanical which had become the smartest cafe in the gardens. I resolved to always go there from now on.

The final leg took us through the Alpine garden and back out through Victoria Gate, just in time to walk on to a 65 home.

It had been an unremarkable couple of hours and that is why Kew Gardens works so well, even on an unremarkable day it fills a Sunday morning pleasingly with consummate ease.

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