2 February 2018

Her Not Him at Theatre503 was a nice little drama nicely crafted

I understand why theatres do short run plays but it plays havoc with my scheduling as I find it hard enough to find a free evening for long run plays and I am regularly forced to see the final performance in a run. Her Not Him was only on for a week and I was lucky that the Friday was not already booked so I gleefully paid my £10.

Theatre503 is a ridiculously convenient ten minute walk from Clapham Junction and above a decent pub, The Latchmere, so the logistics sorted themselves out.

I had gone expecting a quirky comedy and so was a little surprised to see a warning sign in the reception area saying that it included a frank discussion on suicide. That did not worry but it piqued my interest further.

Her Not Him was the story of of love triangle. Making the story somewhat unusual was the make up of that triangle, a middle-aged woman, her much younger girl friend and a young man who liked to dress as a woman. The title of the play coming from the older woman's preference for his female persona.

Despite the untypical mix of people this was a fairly typical story, and I think that was the point - people are people irrespective of who they love or what they wear.

Stripped of its character's shock value the story still held up on its own. I believed in the relationships and wanted to know how they would be resolved. I also liked the touches of humour, to call it a comedy would be bit of a stretch, and the use of physical theatre when changing scenes. It was a nice little drama nicely crafted.

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