17 September 2016

My new best shirt is also by 1 Like No Other

I have a new best shirt and it is also by 1 Like No Other, my third. If this shirt was in a Lewis Carroll novel then it would have a prominent label on it demanding "Buy Me", which I did.

I cannot recall now how I stumbled across it, and there was nothing remotely pressing about my need for a new best shirt (I have about six Division 1 shirts), but once seen I had no option but to buy it. I did think about it for a couple of days, because of the cost, until simple arguments like "you cannot take it with you" and "you deserve it" won the day.

It got its first outing to the Rose Theatre and did its job magnificently. I wonder what John Malkovich made of it when he walked by.

If there was any doubt of the standing of 1 Like No Other then this was dispelled when I saw Peter Huf (yes, the Huf Haus guy) wearing one at a talk this week. I was only upset that I was not wearing one of mine, though I have not yet got to the stage where 1 Like No Other shirts have become normal day-wear, that's Division 3 and these shirts are Division 1.

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