16 September 2016

Another 1 Like No Other shirt joins my collection

I got my first 1 Like No Other shirt as a Christmas present in 2013 and it immediately won me over to the brand thanks to both the pretty pattern and the quality of the construction. It also helped me to re-categorise my shirts with the creation of an upper division of shirts for special occasions only, the sort of shirt that gets worn once or twice a year.

The division below that has my newer Liberty shirts which I am still buying at the rate of one or two a year. As these get worn they drop a division where they can be worn to work.

Wearing flowery shirts to work at my new job gives me the excuse to buy more of them in all categories and so I treated myself to this one from 1 Like No Other. It is individually numbered and limited to 500 pieces, mine is number 18.

The special occasion it made its debut for was seeing the play No Man's Land. This would not normally be grand enough to justify a shirt as exceptional as this but I wanted to wear it once before it took its place alongside the other Division 1 shirts in my wardrobe.

Wearing it to the theatre in the evening also meant wearing it to work during the day where it got a suitable reception, the other exotic shirt wearer complimented it and everybody else accepted it as the sort of shirt that they are used to seeing me in.

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