9 April 2016

Who Are You at the Fox and Duck (April 16)

I had seen Who Are You? at the Fox and Duck a couple of times previously and while they had entertained me they were never going to make my "A" list simply because they only play Who songs and I was never a big Who fan, I never bought a Who album. That said, live music is still live music and so I wandered down there to see them again.

This was a very different and a much better Who Are You? I did not catch all of the band changes but the most obvious one was that the lead singer had changed and had also been joined by a lead singeress. They both had good strong voices and made a very passable substitute for Roger Daltry.

I thought that the sound that the band made was more solid than previously which may have been because of the other band change, or the sound system, or my failing memory of the last time.

Whatever the differences were, they sounded pretty good to me and the numerous Who fans in the audience, easily identifiable by their t-shirts, were impressed too. There was much singing along and even a little bit of movement that was as close to dancing as 50-something men indulge in.

I still only knew about half the tracks, typically the singles though thanks to a roommate at university I also knew Squeeze Box all too well (it's from the '75 album The Who by Numbers), though that made little difference as most of the ones that I knew were pretty good, as always Won't Get Fooled Again stood out (some people were paused by the quiet bit and clapped too early), and the unknown songs were not bad either.

I was also pleased to hear so many of the early songs from the mid '60s, songs like I'm a Boy and, obviously, My Generation and Substitute.

They got their timing right and finished near enough spot-on midnight. By then we were all very happy as the end of evening group picture proves.

I do not think that I am ever going to fall deeply in love with a Who tribute band simply because they will play Who songs so it is something of an achievement for Who Are You? to entertain me as much as they did.

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