7 April 2016

Celebrating 150 issues of the BCSA Review

Probably the biggest reason for joining the British Czech and Slovak Association (BCSA) is to get the Review magazine which comes out six times a year. The Review provides information about recent developments in British Czech and Slovak relations i.e. the sort of coverage that rarely features in the mainstream media in the UK. It has a trusty circle of expert contributors who report on and analyse important events.

And it has just celebrated its 150th issue.

The celebrations were held at the Czech and Slovak National House in West Hampstead which I know well as that is also where we hold the monthly BCSA Get to Know You Socials. I like the place and I like the people at the BCSA so I accepted my invitation to the party.

It was a good evening for much the same reason that the monthly socials are. I had lots of interesting conversations with interesting people during which, amongst other things, I learned about a scenic railway route in Slovakia that could well feature in my holiday plans for later this year.

Some cheesy and eggy nibbles were laid on which, with some chocolates, sufficed as my evening meal and kept me away from my usual smazeny syr. I did, of course, have a few pints of my usual Pilsner Urquell, preferring that to the free wine on offer.

The BCSA Review reaching 150 issues was a significant milestone worth celebrating and we celebrated it in the appropriate style.

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