28 April 2016

I have a few more Liberty shirts (almost)

My collection of Liberty shirts has taken a big jump in the last few weeks thanks to their tie-in with Uniqlo. I heard about this via my regular Liberty email notices and made a trip to my local Uniqlo, in Kingston, a couple of days after the launch.

Downstairs in the women's section there were all sorts of garments in all sorts of colours but upstairs in the men's section there were only four blue long-sleeve shirts. I do not normally wear blue so I limited myself to just two of them.

I had a change of mind soon after and went online to buy the other two styles. They had none left in my size. Reasoning that the Kingston might have more stock than the online store I went in there to have a look but they had no shorts at all and there was no evidence in menswear that the Liberty line ever existed.

Relief came with another email announcing that the Summer range would be on sale at 11pm on Thursday 28 April and the preview showed that there would be more shorts, with short sleeves this time.

So I went on line at 11pm on Thursday 28 April and bought a few; four to be precise. Still mostly blue so I'll just have to get used to wearing blue.

I hope to be starting a new job in a couple of weeks and the dress code is smart casual (I believe!) and my plan is to have the Liberty/Uniqlo shirts as part of my uniform and to keep back my original Liberty shirts for special events, like weekends.

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