11 February 2016

Open Mic Night at The Oak (11 February 16)

I seem to have slipped into the habit of going to the Open Mic Nights at The Oak (just north of Kingston Station) on Thursday nights but have yet to fall into the habit of writing them up regularly as I did when they were held at the Grey Horse (just down the road and even closer to the station).

The reasons for both habit changes are connected. One reason for going to The Oak is for the 5,000 steps it gives me and rather walk aimlessly for forty minutes it is nice to have a destination in mind, especially when that destination has friends, music and beer. The change in motive means that I now get to the pub nearer to 10pm than 9pm which means that I miss more of the music and so have less to write about.

This Thursday was fairly typical. I could be simplistic and say it was the usual people, the usual songs and the usual beer but it was more than that and every night there is different in an interesting way.

On the people front, Tony, Eugene and Maria were there and performing as usual and Pete was the unusual factor. Musically I did not recognise any of the acts, apart from the trio already mentioned, and I paid most attention to a young American woman who did a decent version of Hallelujah. The beer choice was limited and unimaginative but a respectable pint of Young's Ordinary is always satisfactory.

The evening ended with Tony and Eugene leading assorted musicians and singers on stage and also the audience in a reggae version of Knocking on Heaven's Door. It was a sign of how much I was enjoying the evening that I joined in.

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