24 October 2015

Counterfeit back at the Fox and Duck

There are a few bands that I never miss at the Fox and Duck (e.g. Thin White Duke), some bands that I make a point of seeing if I can  (e.g. No Lip), some bands that I quite like to see provided there is nothing else on (e.g. Cry Wolf), and just a few bands that I avoid. In practice this means that bands in the first group go into my calendar coloured orange, bands in the second group go in coloured grey and the others do not go in my calendar at all.

Counterfeit are in the making a point of seeing group and so I made a point of seeing them this Saturday after going to the theatre in Richmond.

I got to the pub around 10:45 just as Counterfeit had started the second half of their set. They started with Neil Young's Rocking in the Free World which they did a good job of, so I was very happy.

I had to break from the music briefly to have my photo taken with Lynsey, Dave and Sue, but you'll have to find me on Facebook to see that photo. Pete had the nouse to turn up a few minutes later once the photographs were done.

I like Counterfeit but this was not their best night. Their singer lost her voice and the band had to take a break to let her recover. The band was never known for their vocals and this hiccup just emphasised this weakness. The selection of songs was also a little strange. It was good to hear classics like Rocking in the Free World and also to hear unusual songs like Video Killed the Radio Star but, for me, there were too many weak songs that I did not know.

That was a shame. Because when they did proper rock songs they did them properly and it was easy to forgive and forget the weaker ones. Songs like Pinball Wizard and Whole Lotta Love went down well with me and the other rock fans in the pub. Counterfeit are built around lead guitarist Julia Kurzeja (she's in the top left of the picture in bare feet and trousers that look as though they had been fought over my armies of squirrels) and they sounded best when she was in full flight with the rhythm section making great noises behind her.

Counterfeit started the evening in my "make a point of seeing" group and they are still there, and rightly so. I spoke to Julia briefly after the gig (I always like to say "thank you" personally) and she said that they hoped to play the Fox and Duck four times next year. I hope they do too.

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