21 October 2015

Greg Tricker: Revelation – Sacred Art, Sacred Music at Kings Place Gallery

An exhibition titled Sacred Art, Sacred Music was always going to struggle to appeal to somebody as unspiritual as me, and so it proved.

Kings Place Gallery (a.k.a. Piano Nobile Kings Place), is in the same building as the main office that I work in so I look at every exhibition whatever the subject.

Revelation made the sacred nature of the works by framing most of the stained glass pieces in what looked like church windows. I could appreciate the idea but was not convinced by the execution as I felt the frames were too prominent and so drew attention away from the pictures.

Understandably the subject matter was very sacred too and that had no interest for me. What I did like was some of the use of colour.

In trying to summarise what I liked about the exhibition I've chosen a picture of Noah in his arc. I've had to zoom in and crop the picture to hide the frame and I try to ignore the holy glow around Noah's head. What I do like is the bold red of the boat and the strong, blue, yellow and green that surround it.

Revelation – Sacred Art, Sacred Music was far from my cup of tea artistically but I would much rather have a gallery in my building that sometimes does art that I do not like than have no gallery at all and, besides, there is usually something for me to like in any work of art anyway.

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