27 September 2014

No Lip bring some welcome Punk Rock to Petersham

It is something of a simplification to say that most of the Saturday night bands at the Fox and Duck play rock classics like Smoke on the Water and Sweet Child of Mine but it sometimes feels like that and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with rock classic it is always nice when something a little different comes along. Something like No Lip.

No Lip play Punk Rock and I sure like Punk Rock. I bought Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols on the day that it came out and still have a decent collection of singles from this time, despite not having anything to play them on.

Their selection was fairly mainstream for Punk fans but kept away from the more melodic and popular singles of the time. So we had several tracks from The Ruts but none from The Stranglers. It probably was not quite Oi! but it was getting there.

The mood of the evening was summed by their final encore, the Sex Pistol's Bodies. This was never a single but everybody in the busy pub knew the words and sung/shouted them with great gusto. It was a wonderfully loud, energetic and nostalgic evening. More like that please.

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