17 September 2014

Open Mic Night at the Grey Horse (17 September 14)

I was out in Kingston doing other things earlier in the evening (it was the theatre this time, usually it's a meeting) and fancying a pint I headed for the familiar Grey Horse. I was not sure if the Open Mic was on that night or not but it is a nice enough pub in its own right and it is on the way home, so I had nothing to lose.

In fact I gained plenty. Not only was the Open Mic in full swing but several of my friends were there too thus adding socialising to the music.

It was good to hear some different musicians play as well. I had not seen the lady above singing here before though I understand from friends that she has played previously, not just on one of my irregular evenings there. Maria Ahearn, the event's organiser, also played a set, which she does not often do, and this featured the ever popular Wuthering Heights.

I only stayed for a couple of pints but that was time enough to speak to several people, see a few acts and take a couple of photos. It was just the sort of thing that I keep going to the Open Mic nights for.

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