15 June 2014

Finding colours in St Michael's Convent on Ham Common

I run two blogs, this one is about what I do and Ham Photos is about where I live so whenever I do something locally there is an overlap and I have to decide what to post where. When I visited the gardens at St Michael's Convent on Ham Common, just a few minutes walk away, I decided that in Ham Photos I would show something of the shape and construction of the garden and here I would show the more artistic/pretentious pictures.

The first shows a colourful collection of flowers in the border along the far end of the lawn next to the house..

Next to the house, and alongside the lawn, was a kitchen garden in productive use and filled with a variety of plants. It was that combination of broad-leafed vegetables (I presume!) and small flowers that I took this picture for.

Daisies have never been a favourite flower of mine, despite Mum teaching me that you can eat them whole (which I did), but I have always liked old brick walls and even daisies look exceptionally pretty when posed in front of them.

Another vibrant clash between the natural and the man-made attracted me here. The greenhouse was also in the kitchen garden and the fact that I have chosen three pictures from that one section, only a small fraction of the whole garden, shows just how much I liked it.

Finally back to the flower borders for another diverse collection but this time it is the different shapes and shades of greens that attracted me. The few spots of colour helped.

There was a lot more to the garden than this and it took me an hour to see it all before getting the obligatory cup of tea and a slice of cake, all in the aid of charity.

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