7 June 2014

Counterfeit make a strong début at the Fox and Duck

This is a gig that I nearly missed, and that would have been a mistake.

I saw Toxica at the Fox and Duck last October and was reasonably impressed. Impressed enough to "like" them on Lemonrock and to put their return to the Fox and Duck in my Lemonrock calendar. Sadly this does not link to either of my main calendars (Google and Apple) so it slipped from my mind.

Then it looked as though I would be free on Saturday evening I checked Lemonrock to see what was on and was pleased to see that a Toxica gig was scheduled, then I was disappointed to see that it had been cancelled and finally I was pleased again to see that the replacement band, Counterfeit, had sprung out of Toxica.

This springing was the presence of Julia Kurzeja on lead guitar, and band leader,with a female lead singer, Jodie Curran. Completing the band were two men, Paul Read on bass and Ben Able on drums.

Counterfeit looked and sounded like a rock band should.

Their set had some of the cover-band favourites though it is fair to say that I have never heard Sweet Child of Mine played with the lead guitarist standing on a table in his/her bare feet. Julia was barefooted all evening.

There were some unusual songs too, like Cum on Feel the Noize, in a set that fizzed delightfully. So much so that I almost danced, and that takes some doing.

Julia's guitar gave a powerful lead to the band who responded emphatically with driving rhythms and strong vocals. I loved the noise that they made and loved them even more when they finished off with a rousing version of Whole Lotta Love.

So assured were they as a unit it was hard to believe that this was their first outing. I hope that there will be many more including a return to the Fox and Duck.

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