30 October 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 30 October 2013

A very easy choice this week.

The Sandman Overture was one of the most anticipated comics in recent years. It is almost twenty years since Neil Gaiman finished the original Sandman saga which ran through 75 issues from 1989 to 1986, since when he has made something of a name for himself.

But this is a post about the artwork so I'll leave saying more about the Sandman until I have read a few issues.

The artwork was another cause for the anticipation.

Like a lot of people I suspect, I discovered J H Williams III when he drew Alan Moore's Promethea (1999 to 2005).

Promethea was a mythical story and the art work matched the magic and grandeur of the words. Sandman Overture, from what I have seen of it so far, has much the same feel to it and that is a good thing. Moore guided Gaiman on writing comics and the similarity in their styles means that they suit similar artists.

This interior page is typical of the comic and shows why I am looking forward to reading it so much. The bad news is that DC are milking it a little and the six issues are coming out bimonthly so I've got ten months to wait for the complete story. I'm sure that it will be worth it.

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