23 October 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 23 October 2013

I've always had a soft spot for Jonah Hex. It is a fringe comic, that is it does not have superheroes in it, and that means that the writing and drawing can be less mainstream and, therefore, more interesting. It used to be a weird western comic but it is a little different now that Jonah is in the present age.

I picked the cover not for the story inside but for the its tense composition and the grainy feel to the artwork.

This cover was an easy choice. Again the composition is the main point with the combatants falling quickly from a great height. Talon's tattered cape is the best clue to this.

Two more things make the picture stand out. The yellow artificial light from the office gives great contrast to the figures and the bat signal in the background adds another point of interest.

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