12 May 2012

A local photograph

I've been asked a few times over the years if my photographs can be used by organizations and I've always said yes on the grounds that they are not making any money out of them, they could easily have got similar photos from elsewhere and they could have simply used mine without telling me.

Normally these requests come from travel companies who want to use one of my photos of, say, Helsinki on their website where it then sits among many others - it is nice that it is there but it does not have much impact.

Thanks to my Ham Photos blog I also get a few requests from local community groups which I am delighted to agree to.

The latest people to ask were local estate agents Lords (I can see their office from my bedroom window) who wanted one of the pond on Ham Common. After swapping a few emails they found they wanted to use on the cover of their latest magazine.

The watercolour effect is their house style and I like it. If Instagram could do effects like that then it might have been worth $1bn after all.

The pleasant surprise was that the complimentary copy of the magazine arrived with a couple of bottles of much appreciated wine.

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