28 May 2012

The Dark Judges are back in 2000AD Prog 1781

It has been far too long since I mentioned 2000AD and even longer since I said anything about Judge Dredd so it is good to redress the balance with a look at the cover story Prog1781.

2000AD has always had the courage to run long Judge Dredd stories alongside those that stretch for just one, two or three issues and the current storyline is literally mega.

Mega-City One is being attacked by Russians in revenge for Dredd destroying East-Meg One in a massive nuclear strike at the climax of the Apocalypse War (another epic tale). Their weapon is a lethal and virulent virus that has so far killed hundreds of thousands of people and which is spreading quickly.

That is the main plot line but there are lots of side-shows like a civil war, the destruction of the Justice Department's flagship building and the escape of the city's former major and mass-murderer PJ Maybe.

This is epic and then some.

And now we have the Dark Judges too dispensing their instant justice, "The crime is life. The sentence is death." Epic just got epicer.

To make the point Henry Flint has drawn this exceptional cover.

The Day of Chaos, the tile of this epic, is now just days away and even if Dredd somehow "wins" the city will still be largely destroyed and millions will have died.

The story has been gripping me for over forty weeks now (it started in Prog 1742) and I hope it carries on doing so for quite a few more weeks yet. Then I'll need a rest.

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