14 October 2010

Information Underload at the BCS

I had a choice of two meetings to go to tonight and made the mistake of going to the BCS to hear a talk on Information Overload.

This a broad topic but it soon became clear (but too late to leave the meeting) that all we were going to look at was email and for the next hours or so. Not only was this very familiar territory, e.g. we were advised not to copy emails to lots of people, but it was delivered with no insights.

A clear warning sign these days is when the speaker proudly announces that they do not tweet. I did my best to  compensate by tweeting myself during the talk. This is what I said.

"The speaker at the BCS talk on Information Overload does not tweet. Not an expert then."

"He keeps saying 'I really worry a lot' without explaining why. Unconvincing."

"Tweeting how long you sleep for seems brilliant for social research but laughingly dismissed by our speaker. Not impressed."

"Ye Gods! Now he's moaning that it's too easy to email your MP! Clueless."

Even the prospect of free wine and sandwiches after the event failed to lift my mood and I beat a hasty retreat home.

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