10 October 2010

TFPL Connect: The brand of Me

The third of this year's TFPL Connect events had the intriguing title of Unlocking the Value of You and used that banner to explore how individuals can help their organisations and been seen to do so.

First up Rosemary Nunn, the proud owner of the job title Group Head of Business Transformation and Knowledge Management at EC Harris LLP, described a model she had developed that links different types of knowledge to business objectives - a useful way to demonstrate the value of Knowledge Management.

This provoked me to realise that my current employer kills rather than encourages ideas from staff.

This was followed by Dave Tullett, Director Leadership and Innovation Centre at Heidrick and Struggles, who expanded on this by giving guidance on what we as individuals can do to demonstrate our own contribution and stand out from the crowd.

One of the ideas that came from this was using Wordle on your CV to see which words come to the fore. I can endorse this as it worked well for me when I tried it last year.

Other good ideas included coming up with your own short mission statement that explains how you help your organisation and thinking of three words that define your personal brand.

The thoughtful and useful talk was followed by the customary wine-fuelled networking where I was pleased to have some good conversations with some KM regulars and also some new people.

I'm very grateful to TFPL for another stimulating, fun, invigorating and useful evening. I think it's meant to be work but it does not feel like it.

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