15 October 2009

Random Acts of Blindness at The Peel

The man singing at the front normally features in my blog behind the keyboards in a skeleton suit but that is when he, Tony Dyson, is playing with Hoaxwind but here he is fronting Random Acts of Blindness at The Peel in Kingston.

Alongside him on vocals is his wife, Anna, and his brother on keyboards completes the family and completing the band are a superb lead guitarist, a bass and a drummer.

So the line-up is fairly traditional and so are all the self-written songs. They describe themselves New Old Wave but that means nothing to me so I'll say that they remind me of 70s Van Morrison instead.

The set of around an hour (The Peel has a hard curfew at 11pm) was well balanced and well delivered. Obviously all the songs were new to me but they did the sort of things that you would expect R&B songs to do so the lack of familiarity did not breed contempt.

It was a fun, bouncy, rocking set that more than compensated for having to drink average beer (Adnams) out of coloured plastic glasses. A good night that deserved a bigger audience.

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