5 October 2009

FreakAngels steps up a gear

My favourite comic at the moment is FreakAngels, and it's free!

New episodes come out every Friday lunchtime and Warren is good enough to tweet it's publication so I am reminded of my regular treat.

Freakangels is now on episode 71 (each is six pages long) and in it's third story arc.

This is coming to a dramatic climax and Warren is controlling the pace of the story superbly. There has not been that much action in recent weeks (though the action that has happened has been momentous for the story) but the story zips along at a hectic pace and the tension and drama are building towards what promises to be a stunning end to this party of the Freakangels story.

One of Warren's great skills is to tell stories without many words, no baddies explaining at length what their plans are, and this full page shows how to write a story to be told in pictures.

I said at the top that Freakangels is free, but that is only half true. I do read it for free on the internet but I am also buying the collected volumes to reread the stories.

Freakangels shows what comics can be like and is highly highly recommended.

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