8 October 2009

Modern Slovak architecture in pictures

I like photography, architecture and photos of architecture so an exhibition on this subject was bound to appeal. The appeal was all the greater because the architecture in question is Slovak and I had an invitation to the opening reception at the Slovak Embassy in London.

The exhibition and reception were both a success. I met some people I knew from the BCSA, met some new people (including the Slovak Ambassador) and had excellent conversations with both the photographer and the architect who curated the exhibition. The question I put to both of them was whether it was a photography exhibition or an architecture exhibition and their responses were interesting. I suggest that you go and make your own choice, it is on until the end of this month.

On balance, I preferred the photographs of the buildings to the buildings themselves but some of the architecture was interesting. A lot of it, sadly, was too much like modern architecture everywhere else with no references to any Slovak history or styles but I was surprised, and very pleased, to see several building with strong elements of Modernism. You simply cannot go wrong with lots of white concrete and large windows.

An interesting exhibition with interesting people makes for a lively and fun evening. The cheese and wine were nice too.


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