27 August 2009

Unnecessary security?!

To access my bank account on-line I have to go through three separate screens where I 1) enter my bank account details, 2) enter the specified digits from my PIN number and 3) enter some memorable data such as a date.

That has worked well for some years but now my bank requires that I go through some additional steps if I want to actually do something once I am logged-in, such as make a payment.

Now I also need a card reader and my debit card and to take these additional steps 4) enter the PIN number for my card on the reader, 5) enter the number displayed on the web page in to the reader and 6) enter the number returned by the card reader on to the web page.

This seems wholly unnecessary to me and adds a lot of hassle to regular activities, like paying my Council Tax, for little or no gain. The bank may think that these extra security measures are worth-while but I don't.

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