22 August 2009

The Italian Job (2003) is fun

It is bit of a cheek to call the 2003 film The Italian Job as it really has little to do with the 1969 original, but if we put that aside and judge the film solely on its merits then it stands up on its own right as a high-action heist story.

The minis are there from the original film but they play a lesser role this time and, instead, we get a well thought out and enacted plot to rob a security van and so recover gold bars that .... who cares about the plot, focus on the action!

The best bit is at the end, as it should be in an action film, when the robbery takes place and the current owner of the bullion tries to get it back.

The Pink Floyd music at the end, the predictable, appropriate and masterful "Money", adds a nice touch too.

I think that the best way to judge a film is by its rewatchability (good word that) and I'm writing this as I watch The Italian Job for the third or fourth time so far this year. Great stuff!

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