6 February 2009

I Found My Horn is a joy

The latest show at the Orange Tree is a departure for the usual being a single act play with a single actor.

I Found My Horn tells the story of Jasper Rees who on entering a mid-life crisis returns to the Horn that he last played at school.

Jonathan Guy Lewis adapted the story from Jasper Rees' autobiography and plays the part of Jasper.

The play is a simple story of how Jasper takes up the horn again, makes a rash promise to perform solo and lives up to that promises with the help of various teachers.

And it is told as a story too with Jonathan/Jasper talking directly to the audience throughout and involving them at times in the story.

It's a one man show but in telling the story Jasper impersonates some of the other characters, i.e. Jonathan is always playing Jasper but Jasper is sometimes playing somebody else. It's a clever approach that breaks the tone and pace of the story but leaves the sole actor completely in charge of the show.

The story is simple and is carried forward by frequent but brief moments of humour and pathos. It entertains, amuses and delights.

It goes without saying that a one man show relies on that one man and Jonathan Guy Lewis carries the burden with aplomb and makes the play a triumph.

I Found My Horn is a fun story superbly acted in an atmospheric theatre which all adds up to an excellent night out.

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