10 February 2009

Aproaching Richmond upon Thames

I live roughly half-way between Kingston upon Thames and Richmond upon Thames and whenever I go to either of them I walk most of the way along the river. Walking north then east from Ham there are few signs of Man on either bank and places like Ham House are the rare urban structures that prove the natural rule.

But nature loses in the end and, as the river turns sharply north again in its relentless journey through London to the sea, glimpses of Richmond start to appear. At first some grand houses and hotels stare down at you from Richmond Hill and then a few moments later Richmond Riverside is exposed and you know that you have left the quiet wilderness behind and are about to join the milling throng of the town.

The promise of crowds and harsh buildings is softened by this first view of Richmond where the converted boat houses, new flats that try to look like boat houses and the boat houses that have managed to remain boat houses gently touch the river. 

Here Richmond looks like a fragile place threaten by the grey river and the grey sky both of which dwarf the timorous buildings in scale, strength and history.


  1. Ah, I remember that view all too well. Beautiful. Before we moved to Germany we lived in Isleworth, and before that in Kingston. So I know the river and its tow paths quite well. Shame about all the people sometimes!

  2. Awesome city this is thanks to post more about this beautiful city.

  3. Great Blog. I add this Blog to my bookmarks.


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