4 February 2009

A cracking night at the Canbury Arms

For various reasons, I have not been to the Canbury Arms for a few months (October to be precise), despite considering it to be one of my locals.

This unhappy and unexpected state of affairs was satisfactorily resolved on Tuesday night which, being the first Tuesday of the month, was Irish music night.

The snow provided an additional drop of excitement into the mix but somehow we managed to get there on the K5 hoppa despite the fact that some of the route takes in roads that would have seemed narrow to a motorcyclist in those conditions. The last K5 of the evening is ideally timed for evenings like this and takes us almost door-to-door.

From outside, the Canbury Arms proudly shows its heritage as a Victorian corner pub, though the fresh look lets you know that it has been done-up in keeping with modern times.

Inside the Canbury Arms is a bright, busy and welcoming gastro pub.

Even with the recent heavy snow the punters were out in force to enjoy the food and drink. I suppose that this means that most of them are local enough to walk, which is a good sign.

Tuesday is also curry night so I started the evening with a Butternut Squash and Chick Pea curry washed down with Winter Cheer, another fine ale from the local Twickenham Brewery.

Around the witching hour of 9pm the Irish music started. They settled themselves quietly down at the table reserved for them and started to play, mingling in nicely with the winers and diners - you have to look fairly closely at the picture to see where the band are.

Adding the companionship of some friends to the brew (including John who is playing with the band here) made it a superb evening. Only four weeks until we do it again.

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