31 January 2009

I love Dark Avengers #1

Dark Avengers is the much anticipated main title in the Dark Reign saga that follows on from Secret Invasion. It rocks!

It is written by Brian Michael Bendis who has been the driving force behind the Avengers line of comics for several years and who has brought us the epics Avengers Disassembled, House of M and Civil War. These storylines overlap with each other to make the Avengers the most exciting place in the Marvel Universe.

Dark Reign starts with the premise that the old guard were at fault during the war against the Skrull (Secret Invasion) and the new people in charge are the baddies who came good when it mattered. But being a Bendis story I am sure that there will be a lot more to it than that and I know that I am going to enjoy reading comics over the next few months.

The epic stories is what makes the Avengers a must-read but the artwork is a real plus too. Mike Deodato is the art hero in Dark Avengers. I've chosen these two pages from the sample pages on the Marvel website because of the contrast they give with the fairly standard, but well executed, superhero group picture and, at the top, a story page with a compelling layout and dramatic use of colour.

Good story, good art, great comic.

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