28 January 2009

Great fabrics at MoDA

When buying some shorts in Liberty recently I was reminded of the unexpected discovery that I made of the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (MoDA) on what was meant to be a trip looking at art deco railway stations.

MoDA is somewhere near the top of the Piccadilly Line (I needed a guide to find the place) so is not the easiest place for me to get to, but it is worth the effort.

The museum building is quite small, as is the main exhibition area, but that is not why you go. The gem at the heart of the museum is collection which includes interesting quirky things like catalogues from plumbers' suppliers.

But what really got me excited was the collection of fabrics and wallpapers, some of which are shown here.

I was trying to find exact matches for some of my Liberty fabrics when I found these and while they are not quite the same they are clearly from the same period and style.

If Liberty did make shirts in these fabrics then I'd buy them.

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