7 August 2008

Walking in Pest

Buda, being on a hill, has impressive monuments and views but Pest, while it may be the lesser cousin of its neighbour, has its majesty too. It is helpful, if somewhat simplistic, to think of Buda as the old town and Pest as the new to see how Budapest compares to other grand European cities.

Pest has a touch of Paris about it, and having a leisurely morning coffee in a French cafe in a pretty square with a fountain and a statue certainly helps to foster that feeling, as do the wide boulevards and the art nouveau buildings.

A lot of the main areas are car-free, or car-light, and so it is easy to stroll between the parliament, cathedral, square, market, river, etc. Along the way you can look up to see beautiful buildings with decorations, ornaments and balconies, all of which are best observed at leisure over a large glass of a local beer. This is what holidays are about.

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